February 26

Meet Sophie


I recorded this video message because I thought you may be interested in the musician behind the free track you just received. But enough about me. I wasn’t kidding, I want to hear from you. Because it’s YOU, the listener, that makes all of what I do, matter.

I predict my musical journey will be sometimes hard, sometimes quirky, but will always be filled with worth while experiences. I’m hoping that you will be a part.

If you’d like to hear the rest of the songs that make up my first step in that trek, click hear to listen to my debut album, ‘For a Fella.’

Thanks again for being a listener and for making it all matter!

— Sophie


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  1. I thought it is a great song. I really like your voice. My favorite color is blue. I was born in 86. I really hope you keep doing music. I wish I had a cat. I had one as a kid but it kept getting into the neighbors yard and he called the pound. I didn’t like that cat much anyways always kept scratching.

  2. Hi! Your objective was achieved! So what I like best is the feeling that this about a real fella! It was my first impression after listening twice! So, Sophie, great job, song and voice! Btw you look great! <3:) Adélard

    1. Aww Adélard, I am so happy to have you as a new favorite fan! You are so kind. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the music!

  3. I really liked the song For a Fella. I'm not sure about eating with a baby spoon. It seems it would take way long to eat a pint of ice cream and plus I would feel like a giant. I guess it would be good to be a giant though.

  4. Sophie I listen your song it’s lovely look at young woman falling love for first time. You have great feeling & sound that comes from your heart a voice that heavenly to listen too. May you have a long career always finding happiness were ever you perform.

  5. Hi sophie your music rocks. You have such a beautiful singing voice. My favorite color is purple to. About a fella was such a lovely song. Must be about a previous or present boyfriend am u right lol?

  6. Hi sophie, I'm completely in love with your music, i love every single song!! your music makes me so happy!! i'm a huge fan!! keep on going with the best music ever made!!

  7. Love your music! And you are so nice! Also my cats rule my world…. 🙂 As for what I like about your song "For a Fella" everything all those details add up to excellent song! I also love your song "Near Kiss"! Beautiful!

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