December 21

Trumpets Jason Derulo Cover


Yes, it is kind of weird if you hear trumpets all the time, so if you do please seek help or turn to the trumpeter near you and ask him to kindly stop following you everywhere…

Thank you so much to all of the lovely people in this video. And thank you for taking the time to watch it! Please comment and share, we would really appreciate it! I hope to soon be playing a lot more with these cool cats!

Meet the band:
Kevin Freund: Guitar
Sophie Koorhan: Vocals @sophunn
Daniel Rothaar: Bass – @thedandilion
Maggie Wilson: Keys – @So_MaggieM

and special guest JJ Toy on the trumpet!

Also a shout out to David Logsdon for shooting and editing this little flick. He has talent and a kind soul. 🙂


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